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Love this! Any chance you could make a more feminine chin between medium and square? I remember the old fire emblem games the feminine facial structure was more... roundy if that makes sense. 

Sure, I can do that!

Awesome work. I created about 50 or so randomized portraits and used them in a game jam game. They fit the vibe perfectly!

That's great!

This is a wonderful asset creator! Would it be possible for you to add more hairs?

Sure! When I have time!

Alright, thank you so much!


Nice job ^^

Some mask options (Ninja, Knight etc...) would be cool


Great work thank you!
Suggestion: add to "hair front" --> "short"


(1 edit)


Ha ha! nvm...

Awesome tool, very nice and easy to use, it would to be good if we can name the saved so later is easy to load maybe with the name of the character created.

Alright, I'll look into that!